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UX/UI Designer

Team member, Kara Vicca


UX/UI Designer


What do you enjoy most about working in design?

I enjoy working in a range of different disciplines in design and love that I get the chance to work across a range of different mediums. At the moment, I’m personally really enjoying the User Experience (UX) aspects of the design process and leading discovery workshops, as these give you the chance to really find and solve problems with digital products and help to create a better experience for users. I think that this is definitely an area that is constantly changing and adapting, so going forward it’s a skillset I want to continue to develop.

What sort of projects would you like to have the chance to work on in the future?

In terms of clients/sectors, I’d love to have a chance to work on more projects in the gaming industry and also the beauty and lifestyle sector as these are two areas that hold a lot of potential for expressive fun styles but also a chance to really understand the different types of user groups.

I think in the future I’m open to all sorts of opportunities, and would perhaps even like to consider being a visiting lecturer for universities to work on briefs with students, as visiting lectures always had the biggest impact on me while I was at University. I think as well, being a female designer there isn’t always the same representation for ‘women in design’, so I think it’s important to try and make a presence.

What are you proud of achieving in your career so far?

A career moment I’m super proud of was when I won the ‘Greater Good Design Awards 2019’ set by GOOD agency London. a few career highlights for me have been having my work featured twice by ‘World Brand Design Society’, being featured in the ‘Top 30 Amazing Web Designs of the Week #4’, being featured on the ‘Your Design Juice’ blog, and finally having a blog feature on the ‘Coventry Design Festival’ website. 

What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

I enjoy listening to music, gaming, being a professional Netflix watcher and watching pigeons out the window – they are actually very entertaining. I’ve also been enjoying trying to learn 3D software in my spare time which has been fun but also a super steep learning curve!

Tell us a fun fact about you!

My great grandad on my mother’s side looks exactly like Robert Pattinson! I have photo evidence!

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