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Google Ads presents a cost-effective advertising solution designed to put your products and services in front of the right audience. Google PPC can be used for lead generation, greater e-commerce sales, or increased brand awareness campaigns.

Whether you run an e-commerce business or provide B2B services, Google PPC is all about driving sales for your business.

Framework Design offers high-quality and effective Google PPC management to businesses in Nottingham, the East Midlands, and further afield. Our digital marketing experts can work with you to understand your target audience and craft carefully structured campaigns. 

As a recognised Google Partner, our in-house specialists have all the right knowledge to guide you through a successful and profitable Google Ads campaign. So, what can you expect from this Nottingham-based Google Ads company? Let us explain the range of Google PPC services we offer;

Google Ads Account Audits

With so many elements to Google Ads, it can be difficult to understand opportunities to improve your output. A Framework Google PPC audit could give you the insight you need to enhance your Google Ads account. Our in house experts can conduct a complete audit of your Google PPC:

Search Campaigns

If you are trying to increase brand awareness, drive lead generation or increase website traffic, search campaigns can benefit your business. Using Google PPC, and targeting the right keywords, you can capture those customers who are actively searching for what you offer and make sure that your name appears following any Google search. 

Remarketing and Display Campaigns 

Use stunning graphics and visuals to help attract the right audience. With Google Remarketing you can capture those individuals who have previously interacted with your business but didn’t convert the first time around. 

Shopping Campaigns

Drive traffic and sales with Google Smart Shopping campaigns. Using Google Search and Display Networks, showcase your products to potential customers no matter what stage of their buying cycle they are in.

Using Google PPC campaigns to compliment SEO strategy

Our team of experts can support your entire digital marketing strategy. Complimentary SEO and Google Ads strategies can not only lead to an increase in visibility, but data and knowledge from each platform can help improve the other. 

If you are interested in our Google PPC services and want to hear more about our Google Ads packages, then please get in touch with our team at Framework Design today. 

"Understanding our client's businesses and what matters to them allows us to create the most impactful Google Ads campaign possible. Our Google PPC services are designed around delivering profitable returns for our clients. It really is as simple as that."


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