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Speedo Fastskin Prime

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  • Web Design & Development
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Whilst working with Speedo we were asked to design and develop a promotional webpage for the launch of the new goggle product, Fastskin Prime. The brief was to visualise the product’s 16 customisable variations and provide a campaign framework from which Speedo could promote the product moving forward.

In addition to these requirement, we would also have to provide all new photography, for both the customisable aspect of the product and any future promotional materials.

The final development would allow users to select from various interchangeable components used to construct the goggles and alternate between the available colours.  This helped to not only demonstrate the configurable nature of the product, whilst articulating the sleek modern design and draw attention to fine details developed by Speedo.

In the early stages of the development we identified a potential issue regarding load times related to the size of the images needed for the system; we would need to upload high resolution transparent PNGs, which would have limited compression capability. As a result we built the whole front end of the system in Vue, and developed a custom pre-loading script that would elegantly download the images in the background whilst not interfering with the customer experience.

tablet Image - black color tablet Sheen Overlay - black color
tablet Image - black color tablet Sheen Overlay - black color