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An iamge showing different elements of the nottingham hospice site

Nottinghamshire Hospice

Nottinghamshire Hospice is a charity committed to the care and support of end of life patients and their families in and around the Nottingham area. Framework Design worked with the charity to complete a brand refresh and full website redesign to better reflect the positive work they do as a compassionate presence in the community.

Images showing the Nottingham Hospice website

The Framework Design team worked with Nottinghamshire Hospice to develop the brand, focusing on their core values to understand what the look and feel of the brand should be. From there, we developed colour palettes, font styles and imagery, also working with the charity to capture the tone of voice and writing style, as well as developing other branding elements until they all formed a strong and consistent identity. The new branding was then compiled into a set of brand guidelines for the hospice to distribute to employees.

Image of Nottingham hospice site shown on mobile
Nottingham hospice 'our people' page of site shown on mobile
Image of Nottingham hospice site shown on mobile

To maintain consistency across all of their marketing activities, the Nottinghamshire Hospice team asked Framework Design to redesign all of their existing assets and printed collateral. From here, the design team worked on redesigning shop posters, flyers, booklets and fundraising posters so that they all matched the new brand.

To go along with the new branding and assets, Nottinghamshire Hospice wanted a website redesign that would capture their identity, and create an online environment that embodied their ethos. Our designers worked with the hospice to understand what they wanted the site to achieve visually. The website needed to be uplifting and encouraging; displaying the positive work that Nottinghamshire Hospice does to care for and support its patients and their families every day. To achieve this, the designers produced a selection of colourful hand-drawn illustrations to elicit a sense of tactility and human connection, to help separate away from the traditional idea of hospices being cold and clinical.

The pink and colourful nottingham hospice brochure unfolded, showing all 3 sections
A collage of braning elements for Nottingham Hospice

A hand-drawn illustrated map of the Nottingham area was also created for the ‘contact page’. The map was developed to be interactive so that visitors to the site could easily see the different shop locations and visualise popular landmarks nearby.

The interactive illustrated map for Nottingham hospice

Once the overall design of the site has been agreed upon, the Framework development team began work to bring the website to life. Nottinghamshire Hospice had requested that the site be simple to manage, mobile-friendly, and easy for visitors to use and navigate. The Framework developers took these requirements and worked on the website, building from a mobile-first approach to ensure the site would be functional on all devices. The website was also structured to establish clear user journeys and routes to information, thereby creating a more streamlined user experience and easy navigation through the site.


Image of Nottingham hospice website

Following the completion of the website, the Framework Design support team provided a training session for the staff at Nottinghamshire Hospice to help manage the site. The session was designed to introduce them to their new website and demystify the workings of the admin area, also covering overall maintenance practices for the site and how to change and add content

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