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D2N2 'about' page


D2N2 is one of the largest Local Enterprise Partnerships (LEPs) in England, their purpose being to lead projects that support economic growth across Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire. D2N2 originally had three separate websites for each of their business areas, we worked with D2N2 to merge these sites into one clear and easily navigable hub.

D2N2 shots of the site showing layout

Since the new D2N2 platform would be a site that needed to convey a lot of information, it was important to ensure it wasn’t text-heavy or cluttered. Our designers created a site plan that was more image-focused and not reliant on a lot of text, to do this we utilized a clear white background and eye-catching images of project locations, allowing the imagery to provide the majority of the colour on the pages.

D2N2 'local industry' page

Additionally, we wanted to give the website some unique brand elements.  Our designers took inspiration from the D2N2 logo, using its unique ‘corner’ shape and incorporating that into the site in different ways. The shape was used as a background to add emphasis to images with a pop of the company colours, purple and green. The shape was also used as a small, elegant icon that when hovered over, flips sideways to become an arrow 

D2N2 'local growth multiplier' page

D2N2 had asked for a website that would be easy to manage, and so the Framework development team opted to use WordPress as the site platform, due to its clear and easy-to-use interface. 

The D2N2 website needed to have a heavy focus on their community projects. They needed to be easy to sort through and view, and so the development team created a custom project page. This page was made to allow site visitors to see different views of the projects, including a list view and a map view. 

D2N2 projects map with purple and green hotspots
D2N2 'projects' page shown on mobile

The map view on the new project page displays a map overview of the Nottingham and Derbyshire area, with small purple and green coloured hotspots symbolising the projects undertaken in certain locations. The map can be zoomed in for closer inspection, and also allows the user to hover over certain projects and click to be taken to the full project page.

D2N2 - an individual project box with link arrow to main page
The D2N2 website main menu on mobile
D2N2 - Derby map illustration in purple

User experience was a crucial part of this project because D2N2 wanted their users to be able to easily see the projects that they might be interested in, and to be able to find what they needed on the site. For this reason, the Framework developers installed a filtering system within the projects page.

D2N2 'about' page on mobile
D2N2 website 'vision 2030' page on mobile

The new filtering system allows users to select if they want to see completed or active projects, or view projects by funding type, project location, and strategic focus. This means that visitors to the site do not have to trawl through projects, but can instead easily narrow down their search. 

D2N2 the project search filter that allows you to choose active or complete projects.
D2N2 website showing on of the article modules
D2N2 - Derby map illustration in purple